• Abating the curse of history

    Abating the curse of history

    Not a piece of trash
    is what we are making
    it is a course of future -
    for you, me and all of us!

    Yes, we may not agree
    upon this and that provisions
    but is it not wonderful to cherish -
    that we share bonds, in the midst of all segregations!

    No one is a 'nobody'
    who told you that?
    It's our beautiful, ancestral soil -
    the smell of which, we all are proud at!

    Accustomed we are
    in diverse cultures
    Haunts us deeply the deprivation -
    we gotta work, to mitigate that torture!

    Prosperity with togetherness
    is what we got to sustain
    But by digging the graves for each other -
    never can we reach there, we won't!

    Do reckon the blood and sweat
    that we all have spilled
    Does the dream of our martyrs -
    allow us to part away and split?

    Not a piece of trash
    is what we are making
    it is a course of future -
    for you, me and all of us!


    a bpbpersonals human dignity series!

  • The Comet


    Yes! I do weave words
    but not illusion
    I can be sinister --
    but wonít spew venom!

    That is why I
    adore you
    and do not patrol around --
    your bodily manifestations.

    In a longer timeframe
    youíll realize all these things
    by then, Iíll have intermixed --
    midst a comet of the universe.

    Wandering about the center of the space
    crossing numerous galaxies on the way
    free from bondage, in a zero gravity --
    reminiscing you, in all moments.

    This is where totality lies
    proximity ainít everything
    love doesnít have a crown of defeat --
    lovers never undergo tragedy.

    Yes! I do drink words
    but not chronology
    I can be a cipher --
    but wonít be crushed with rage!


    a bpbpersonals #aspiration series 2014!

  • Anum


    Here comes the rain
    making your love flow through wipers
    wanting you to believe nothing's yet over
    we can heal those wounds
    we can peel those schisms
    you could be devoid of tears
    I could have a scanty of jitters!

    And when you smile
    keeping your lips in the harbor
    I feel like
    there's not such a safer place than this
    and clouds will wait to see your eyes
    with the first light of the dawn
    our words will beget letters
    somewhere in the phonemes of time.


    a bpbpersonals #aspiration series 2014.

  • Club 27


    Coke in the winding lanes
    sure get a bout of it
    prickly mates all over the trash --
    bring your holy shout at it.

    Get over me, dear hallelujah
    this ainít a song for you
    reach the tub and rest your qualms --
    rightís never a wrong for you!

    Go to far-flung mountains and seas
    thatís where you were meant to be
    Bring all young and old in your rehab --
    and serve them the snowy tree.

    Lean over me, dear hallelujah
    this ainít a club for you
    meet the snub and send your alms --
    nightís never a thong for you!


    a bpbpersonals Kreations series 2013.

  • Point Blank


    Be the shadow of the times we had
    be the meadow where our eyes meet
    be graceful, be the savior
    show me the untrodden lands
    where we can dance to infinity
    and remain absolved till eternity
    all fists will turn into feasts
    all trysts will become treats
    and the hapless treatises can burn
    with their ashes grounded in the hangars
    and our leftovers deprecated in the blank --
    in the immensity of disordered planks!

    Be the syllables of the rhymes we had
    be the parables where our crimes fleet
    be grateful, be the purveyor
    show me the sodden epigrams
    where we can trance to trinity
    and remain surcharged till litany
    all mists will become myths
    all rifts will become drifts
    and the tactless cleavages can churn
    with their mashes bounded in the mangers
    and our mellowness desecrating in the blank --
    in the propensity of disembroiled planks!


    a bpbpersonals Kreations series 2013.

  • Glaciers of Paradise


    What those birds croon
    hopping along the lakes of Himalayas,
    is it me getting the thrust of it --
    or the choir learning Ďcadgeí?

    Whereby rest these rocks
    making snow sit in their laps,
    there traverses the musky mate --
    post its unwitting naps.

    And in the base camps
    you can see this flock at wee,
    adjudging plans to meet your fury --
    taking strides to scale thee!

    a bpbpersonals Kreations series 2013!

  • Diatomites of Dadeldhura


    Along the basilic corridors of this place
    you can see waters rushing through
    sometimes with an awe
    sometimes out of will
    what youíll see throughout
    is the diatomic mound
    through lakes and their crevices
    and it takes no time
    to decipher the bloom
    the reason of their boom;
    the way they rest in the littoral hearth
    reminds one of the vastness
    where chandeliers from the Baanjh trees
    bring torque-fruit that are picked up by children
    to rotate their joy in the soil
    and in the Kinmadyas with their prickly leaves
    is a nourishment of astonishment;
    who knows how long it has been
    for the local pears and pomes being a relish
    and in the soyas is the potency to bake
    bringing softened olfaction to the core!

    Berries with their nativity in the woods
    share stony tales of their own
    of how they bear a layer of sweetness
    intemperately within;
    and in the dance of rhododendrons
    lairs and caves fluster
    they know they got to have a regime
    either minimal or umpteen
    wherefrom the farms are reigned
    curried on and above the stretches
    and the desolate memories veined!


    a bpbpersonals2013 Kreations!

  • Mining in the Rain


    In smaller vaults of mines
    there are elements that you've chosen
    to keep with you --
    as antique possessions
    staggering in every stride
    burning what was once called Ďpride' --
    nothing to seek, nothing to hide.

    Caves come with new flusters
    where you reckon your loss, your gain
    your anomalies, your pain --
    and with plaudits from the clouds above
    world sees an act of rove
    an approval from the heaven and hell --
    wrapped in one unsung wail.

    You see you are running
    and crawling through the wall
    with unanswered gape at the squalls --
    and crows resting by the mercy of wires
    sieving truth seekers from liars
    and that is when the world will sing its song --
    during cold days, beside a fagon!

    a bpbpersonals2013 Kreations!

  • The Desert Saga

    The Desert Saga

    In a car meddling with the desert
    I see a bride through white curtains
    She's pretty, she ought to be--
    She livens me, without aversion.

    I've seen her drive through this landscape
    steering cacti and dunes with her wits
    With flakes of sand speeding in the South--
    she offered me a bowl of grits.

    She sings me Presley and the Beatles
    she talks of Dylan and Brown
    I evacuate my ears to absorb her--
    and to sense her glittering gown.

    And she tells me stories from unknown
    that go well with her voice
    Without a blink, I kiss her--
    and bring life to a poise.

    In a car meddling with the desert
    I see a bride through white curtains
    She's amorous, she ought to be--
    She brightens me, without perversion!


    a bpbpersonals Kreations series 2013!

  • The Embodiment of Love

    Can you grab my words
    through veils in your face?
    Can you make me believe--
    in love and its embrace?

    I know you are stronger
    yes you are
    I feel your rage--
    in being afar.

    Can you take me away
    to a place of dreams?
    Can you make me believe
    in world and its screams?

    I know you are pristine
    yes you are
    I feel your soul--
    in discrete bar.

    I have seen you for ages
    and you do remain the same
    can you sing me the lullaby--
    that would bring me the gem?

    I know you are divine
    yes you are
    I judge your presence--
    in our scar.

    a bpbpersonals Kreations series 2013!

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